A new business concept which focuses on efficiency and preservation of the environment. A concept which thinks not only of productivity, but of the health of the soil, the plant and principally of the health of the producer and consumer. Welcome to BAIC. Welcome to Clean Sustainable Agriculture.

Focus of BAIC's Activities


Focus on profitability. In addition to strengthening agricultural production, the producer who uses BAIC products guarantees a longer and more fertile soil life, reducing the use of agricultural defensives and chemical fertilization.


Focus on health. With an increase in the vigor of the plant, its exposure to conventional agrochemicals is diminished, which is in turn reflected in the creation of naturally healthier products of higher quality.

The Environment

Focus on the preservation of water, the fertility and health of soil, resulting in cleaner and more sustainable agriculture.

Research and Development

The Team

The Research & Development team is composed of agricultural engineers, bio process engineers, biologists and chemists with specialized training at the Master’s and PHD levels. With a dynamic and flexible profile, this multidisciplinary knowledge base brings ample competitive advantage to the development of products and services.

Partnership with Research Centers

BAIC develops and conducts research studies with renowned institutes and universities in Brazil. Many of these studies are disseminated in the form of Master’s dissertations, Doctoral theses and publications in renowned international scientific journals. Supporting the continued development of human resources and at the same time generating knowledge for society.

Technology and Products

Utilization of Bio Process Engineering Biotechnology for the development of:
Foliar Fertilizers | Soil Fertilizers (base and topsoil) | Seed treatments | Biological control of pests and disease

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